Hi everyone

New Year Special Offer – see below …

Well due to a technical error, this Merry Christmas blog post has turned into a Happy New Year one instead, but I’ve currently got no idea what day of the week it is anymore anyway, so …

After losing all the text from my previous post, I shall  keep it brief – I just wanted to say a big Thank You to all my clients for their patience and understanding this last year, when little Terry dog was very much the focus of my attention.  I was working very limited hours, so as to spend as much time at home with him as possible and I know some of you struggled to get to see me at times – indeed, we lost some frustrated clients along the way, who just didn’t understand this and all the best to them, but I would not have done it any other way – some things are more important than work and being constantly available to fulfil my clients needs – family and pets are a priority and most of my wonderful clients get this, especially as Terry was such a huge part of the business, many of you have known him for years.  He passed away a month ago bless him

Terry King RIP 2003-2018


So this is to say, we are back in business and as Pops resumes her seat under the desk we are now open all hours again …

We had a small price increase back in the Autumn 2018, to £60 an hour


For two weeks, from now until 12th January 2019, I am offering you the chance to buy your next years treatments, at last years prices

A course of 10 treatments for £440 (saving £160 when bought individually)

A course of 5 treatments for £225 (saving £75 when bought individually)

You can purchase in the website shop https://www.firstclasstherapies.com/product/christmas-special-offer/ or by bank transfer – up until Saturday January 12th – when normal package prices resume


So if you know you are likely to see me several times over the coming year, this is a great way to make a big saving up front and ensure you’ll stay in good health for 2019

If I haven’t seen you for a while, good – I hope that means that this finds you in great health!

For my little band of trusty regulars – once again, thanks a  million for your kind understanding this last year and I look forward to working with you again soon

Helen and Pops




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Vivien (auntie)
Vivien (auntie)
2 years ago

Hi Helen, wishing you & Pops blessings in the year ahead. Love Vivxxx

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