Theraphi Surrey

Theraphi Surrey – Plasma Light Technology

Theraphi Surrey will increase circulation, decrease inflammation and encourage a return to order for the body.   As you leave the Theraphi session, so many things have changed inside your body, it brings the cranio sacral spine liquid pumping to still point, so allowing the body to heal.

For when your living cells to go back to a state of increased order, you have anti-aging and rejuvenation

The powerful charge field generated by Theraphi serves as the electrical opposite of swelling, through perfected charge distribution.  Optimised charge circulation not only aids in blood and nerve circulation, but also contributes to the management of various disorders. Medical professionals are witnessing significant benefits across a spectrum of conditions, with promising results being replicated.

Beyond its anti-swelling properties, Theraphi is renowned for its ability to enhance circulation and sensation, particularly in areas where function may have been limited or lost.  Theraphi utilises proven frequency emissions through a high-voltage version of a specialised aligned plasma lamp pair, stimulating the body’s natural healing processes.

Theraphi sessions usually generate strong feelings of being energized, as it accelerates metabolism, circulation and sensation increase.  However, as it  brings the cranio-sacral spine liquid pumping to still point, this being the turning point for healing in many cases, many people also report a feeling of bliss.

Theraphi Surrey

“I felt in a cocoon of healing” Client 1

“Having sat with other energetic systems, I did not expect to feel anything. However I was aware of dropping into a deep meditative state very quickly … and really valued being left in my own space for half an hour … and was observing gentle aches going through various parts of my body that have had trauma, from my ankles and knees and hips and back and jaw and more specifically kidneys …

I was lucky enough to have 3 sessions a day apart … I have slept better … and feel more vibrant… and cannot wait for your next visit Helen.  Thank you so much for looking after me and my friends. You are so knowledgeable and so lovely.  I am blessed to have met you” Client 2

“I went into Helen’s Theraphi unit without any previous knowledge about the system or the therapy. Without any bias in my head and full of wonder and curiosity, I laid down amidst these fascinating looking devices.
The first thing that I became aware of instantly was how the air I was breathing felt lighter and more expansive, as though someone had filled the room with a different composition of air. All of my respiratory system was actually receiving the air I was breathing, starting right at the entrance of my nostrils. All through the session, it felt like every single cell in my body was being filled up. Maybe with energy, vitality, I’m not sure. But it just felt like I was plugged in and every cell was being recharged somehow. It was just beautiful to experience it. I felt expansive for hours after.
I tried to be in the observe and receive mode than do something mode (trying not to even use breathwork or meditation techniques), which I believe significantly helped me experience this incredible therapy as pure as I could.
I woke really refreshed much earlier than usual the next day.
I thoroughly recommend this amazing healing system to everyone.” Client 3


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