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Welcome to First Class Therapies

Choosing your therapy has never been easier … you can cherry pick from any one of the treatments we offer – or have a combination, giving you a truly bespoke treatment.

When you’re in the best possible shape you can reach your full potential, whether you are going for a World Championship or just to get through the day without painkillers – we can help you achieve this.

Using Bioenergetics (the study of energy flow through living systems) like Nes Health, cutting edge technologies including Theraphi and Conscious Tech such as the Orynoco Pod, alongside Soft Tissue Therapy, Low Level Laser and Scenar enable us to treat back, neck and shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, headaches, TMJ pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis/golfers elbow, plantar fasciitis, hip and sciatic pain – using sports massage techniques including soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, muscle energy technique and myofascial release to keep you living your life to the full.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching :  Our aim is to get you out of pain and keep you injury free in the most natural, effective way possible. Whether you are looking for drug free pain relief or are simply overwhelmed with advice and contradictions on the internet, we can give you advice on many health related topics – it could be holding your hand through your first detox, visiting your home and going through a healthy home protocol.

We can guide you through the myriad of products out there, advising on how to source pure, clean water – waking you up to the ton of free stuff available at your fingertips also – movement, good quality sleep, organic food and things that make you happy, we also have a very healthy network of people we can ask for support – we know and have trained with the best in the business and can refer to Drs and many experts in their field- invest in your health and enjoy a new lease of life – it’s our pleasure to help you achieve this and begin to thrive

First Class Therapies

Specialising in getting you out of pain, First Class Therapies offer a range of therapies that can be mixed and matched to create your own bespoke treatment, so that you get exactly the treatment you need.
Or perhaps you just want to forget everything for one hour of your busy life – to unwind and enjoy a relaxing massage nurturing your mind, body and soul.


About Us

Helen King established First Class Therapies in 2004.
Having trained in Anatomy & Physiology, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Pathophysiology, Counselling & Communications at the prestigious Raworth International College, I then went on to gain a diploma in Sports & Remedial Massage from the London School of Sports Massage.

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Most therapies can be mixed and matched to create your own bespoke treatment so that you get exactly the treatment that you need.

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First Class Therapies

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