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Indian Head Massage


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Sports Massage – how can it help?

If you suffer from headaches, bad back, stiff shoulders, tennis elbow, sciatic pain, tight calves or just feel generally sore and achy, then massage can help you.

Using a variety of techniques, our aim is to get you out of pain within 1-6 treatments so you can live your life to its full potential. Generally, if there is no great improvement within this time, then the problem is not muscular and we will refer you on to another professional.

Generally you will feel the difference after the first treatment, and we encourage you to be aware of your posture, stretch and stay hydrated – your body has an incredible ability to heal itself if you give it the chance.


Still not sure if we are right for you? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

We can help!

Whether you need a relaxing massage to help unwind the build up of stress and tension in your daily life, or something more specific – an old niggling pain, new injury – or just want to keep in optimum shape, so that you can train in the gym or your chosen sport, without injury.