I’ve been using the BEMER Horse Set for around a year now, both on my horse and on my clients horses, prior to any other therapy I do.  I’ve found the results truly unbelievable and with no placebo effect, the horses have been a great way for me to observe the results achieved when using the BEMER as opposed to previously without.  So it took no convincing for me to introduce BEMER therapy into my human clinic, used alongside sports massage, low level laser therapy, SCENAR therapy, whatever we do, we offer BEMER alongside for better results BEMER 1

What does it do?


• Oxygen Delivery
• Local Blood Flow
• Muscle Conditioning
• Recovery
• Performance
• Physical Fitness

• Muscular Strength
• Endurance & Energy
• Vitality & Well-Being
• Stress Reduction & Relaxation

Easy and so simple to use at both at home or on the road, just 8 minutes, twice a day BEMER devices stimulate and increase blood flow to healthy muscles for improved performance and recovery. Enhanced local circulation is achieved by delivering a patented therapeutic signal using a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology. This ensures muscles are supplied with ample oxygen. In addition to these benefits, BEMER also supports stress reduction, relaxation and rest.

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Which in turn :
Improves suppleness, reduces muscle related back pain, improves flexibility of the spine, will aid recovery after sport and injury and promotes regeneration and relaxation

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In sport BEMER increases blood flow to the muscles for improved performance and recovery.  Pro Athletes use BEMER to take their sports performance and recovery to the next level, imperative to be able to function at your best, day after day

For home use many physical discomforts are directly related to poor local circulation, which may lead to dysfunctional metabolic processes in the muscle tissue and inhibit optimal performance and recovery. Improved local blood flow can lead to:

Better Supply of Oxygen
Better Disposal of Carbon Dioxide

Blood is the body’s universal means of transport through the circulatory system; oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g., hormones) and immune cells are all transported through our blood.

Using BEMER to improve local blood flow in healthy muscles, the muscles receive adequate oxygen and remove CO2.

More in this video here :

BEMER therapy and microcirculation explained

Your body generates electricity. Did you know electricity is running through your body right now? All living things generate electricity and without it, we cannot live! The elements in our cells (think oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon) carry different electrical charges to create electricity and send vital signals to different parts of the body. (Source: University of Maryland)

All of these vital materials are transported throughout our body via the circulatory system. So both electricity and blood flow are crucial to maintain and sustain optimal physiological function.

In simple terms – with better circulation and blood flow, oxygen and nutrients are better delivered to the cells and waste is taken away

Call me for an informal chat as to how BEMER can help you or better still, come along and try for yourself.  There are options for you to try the BEMER at home as a rental or purchase for your own use, where I am available to guide you through getting set up and with  lifetime support from me 🙂