Helen is a miracle worker! I’ve broken my left ankle twice in the last 30 years and have been experiencing increasing pain to the point where my activity was becoming limited and I was unable to sleep without prescription drugs. I was told by two consultants that fusing the ankle might be the only way to improve the situation. After one session with Helen and her amazing machines I was able to sleep without pain killers and after three sessions I am swimming, standing, cycling and walking with no agonising after effects. Helen is a very knowledgeable and interesting therapist. I’m incredibly grateful to her and highly recommend her.
Sharon Black, Bookham


‘As a keen cyclist… well, an old fat bloke on a bike with more enthusiasm than talent… after flogging my way up and down Surrey’s peaks and troughs, I periodically bring the grinding bags of rusty ball bearings that are my ageing knees to Helen. She tells me to hydrate with more than a double espresso every morning and then subjects me to an hour of torture worthy of a Spanish dungeon master at an inquisitors convention and I’m out the door and once again gliding gracefully up those fabled hills, reduced now to mere pimples, like a Tour de France Champion.

And all for a mere fifty quid.


Old Fat Bloke, Dorking


Helen’s sports massages are like no other massage I have ever had. Equipped with her impressive knowledge of anatomy, nutrition and how the body works and using a variety of techniques and devices and really effective manual work, Helen will treat your aches, pains and strains in a way that provides very long-lasting or permanent relief.

Penny Darbyshire



Thanks to Helen King I have now kissed goodbye to my osteopath. She is as strong as 10 men, unbelievable with sporting injury’s and continually on the path of self improvement. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I only hope she doesn’t get too booked up!
Susannah Constantine


I would always be very happy to recommend Helen King to anyone, Helen has a professional manner and is very knowledgeable in her field, I have known Helen for quite sometime now and it was only when my complete lower back seemed to seize up, I called on Helen professionally. On my visit to Helens treatment room, (I had a very hard job getting out of the car!) After sitting me down and putting my mind at ease and explaining in detail what she thought would be the best treatment for me, Helen went to work on me in her warm and comfortable treatment room, after about an hour and a half of treatment, I left there feeling like a spring chicken! This was nearly a year ago and I’m still telling my friends the story how Helen fixed me! A miracle!
Mr Carl Wenman


“I am now on my eleventh session with Helen and the sports remedial massage she gives me once a week is an integral support to my sporting activities. Regularly playing tennis and football I do pick up injuries and I must say that since seeing Helen I have been injury free – ‘prevention rather than cure’ really is the story …… I am also cycling from London to Paris in the autumn for a charity for whom I am a patron, and as a result am preparing for an activity which uses different muscle groups. Helen is keeping me injury free and ensuring that the ride is as painless as possible. I can highly recommend her approach and services.”
TGJ (Weybridge, Surrey)


I have been seeing Helen on a regular basis and every time I leave I feel de-stressed and relaxed. For a number of years I have suffered on and off from a bad neck, since seeing Helen she has managed not to just relieve the pain temporarily, but also, her professional approach and techniques have corrected the problem and I no longer suffer – thank you so much.
Amber Witchell, Forest Green, Surrey


Helen ‘gets it’ – I love running and need to be back out there again quickly. She understands this and treats me so I stay injury free.”
County Athletics Champion


“Regular massage by Helen helps me to relax better and gives me a boost of energy to tackle daily life.”
Mother of 3 young children


“I get RSI through my work and the treatment by Helen greatly helps in the management of this”.
HR Director, Surrey


“Very impressed by Helens continued professional development as it’s me and my achilles that get the benefit.”
Suzanne, Abinger Hammer, Surrey


Ok so you get the general idea?  I remember when I was at college and my teacher said you will get the clients you deserve – I  sort of understand that now – when i asked one of my clients (who of course shall remain nameless) if he would do me a testimonial for my new website he sent me this


“Last year I had a nasty cycling accident and broke both legs, I saw Helen the next day and within one session she had mended both fractures and at the same time made me 4 inches taller….wow what a service………….. shortly after that I was involved in a terrible car accident and died on the operating table due to my head being severed from my body, well as I was lying there on the operating table in a pool of blood Helen happened to walk by and said ‘what he needs is an ‘Indian head massage’……my god it worked and I am now fully recovered………god she’s good…..she’s also quite capable at some alternative treatments such as fish tank head massages!………………..”

Version 2

Being a fat bastard I found the remedial sports massage therapy Helen gives is so invigorating and of such benefit. After only three sessions I have reduced my bodyweight from 24 stones 7 pounds to 24 stone 6 ½ pounds – wow she is soooooo good. I’m quite hairy so I was extremely pleased when she started massaging my chest and found that cheese sandwich I lost the day before…………….oh and sorry Helen I promise I won’t have a vindaloo again prior to the treatment – it did sound like a steam train though didn’t it!………


So on that note, remember that laughter is the best medicine of all – life is short – stay happy – and maybe see you soon …