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Orynoco Ltd have perfected a new type of technology that works with the quantum field to provide access to the pure life force energy and information fields that are inherent within it, and within us

Many of the problems we are faced with today are due to energy and information that has become distorted, corrupted and even lost altogether.  If we can supply fresh pure energy and information, therefore, we can self-correct, re-vitalise and be informed by the vast energy, resources and Intelligence of the Universe

The quantum field is ubiquitous, it exists everywhere and in everything.  Everything we know emerges from the quantum field and is sustained by it.  What we call life force energy is a pure fundamental energy that powers all of life. Without it, life cannot exist.

If the quantum field as a source of pure energy and information exists everywhere and in everything, then why do we have corrupt energy and information in our biological and ecological systems?

Think of yourself as a beautiful piano, capable of playing exquisite music, after time, even the best musical instruments need re-tuning to play their best melody, and so it is for us – we are all conceived in perfection, then life happens to us!  Poor lifestyle choices, media influences, traumatic experiences, friends, family and work colleagues, everything we come into contact with, can have a detrimental affect on our field and thus, in turn, our wellbeing – we start to feel ‘out of sorts’ then forget how it was to be in harmony.  This can lead to disease and physical and emotional problems.

Orynoco Pod - Pure Life Force Energy and Information 1The strongest energy in a room will entrain the rest – and so it is with the Orynoco Pod, gently, persistently, patiently reminding us of who we are – what is still within us and in turn this technology helps us access, resonate with and ‘play’ the pure notes of the universal harmonic scale. Conscious Tech informed by our conscious intent can retune us to sound the perfect note.

The return of such profound harmony and pure vital energy forms on this subtle energy level, causes the biological and ecological problems that manifested while in the discordant state, to grow weak and fade away, so allowing our systems to recalibrate and return to their optimal functioning and performance once again.

Your soul and subconscious self will also often have intentions for what it seeks to achieve, of which you may not be consciously aware of, they are, nonetheless, present in your field.

They can and will inform the field created by the Conscious Tech just as your conscious intentions will.

The Orynoco Pod, has a special TSE (Transition State Element) that is designed to facilitate a soul connection and thus give your soul full control over your session

With your soul in charge, you have a higher intelligence and awareness guiding your Conscious Tech sessions

Life force energy from the quantum field is pure and pristine. It has not interacted with any dysfunctional energy on the physical plane. This newly emerged pristine life force energy has the power to entrain other energy to it. In so doing, it can re-vitalise another energy which has become dysfunctional and depleted.  This is one of the key beneficial activities of our Orynoco technology. It opens quantum pathways for biological and ecological systems to become immersed within a field of re-invigorating pristine life force energy

Such an immersion puts numerous processes into motion, one of which is replacing dysfunctional and corrupt energy and information with radiant life force energy and information.Orynoco Pod - Pure Life Force Energy and Information 2

Resonance is when two things vibrate at the same frequency or an octave (multiple) of that frequency. As your field re-experiences the field of pristine life force energies and information, it will naturally start to find resonance with it. If your field has been resonating with unhealthy energies and information for some time, as is the case for most people today, it may take a period of time for this resonance re-entrainment to take place.

Your goal is to establish this universal resonance strongly enough that it can then sustain itself without as much conscious effort on your part. This will be different for each person.

All physical transformations must be accompanied by changes in consciousness. You should therefore always try to be self-aware around how your consciousness and awareness is changing as well.

In the end we are all aiming for a sustained universal flow of pure life force energy and information into and through our biofield. Orynoco technology has been developed for facilitating this purpose.

The purity of this life force energy emanating from the quantum field is also our own divine perfection from within. It’s both our point of origin and our point of return.  Accessing this can be a deeply profound and most powerful experience, it can truly have beneficial effects for your body, your psyche, your emotions and your consciousness.

The Orynoco Pod offers you the opportunity to take what you truly need on whatever level benefits you for your highest good, for your rejuvenation potential, for both body and soul

All you need to do is relax in the field, trust in the process, surrender, and open your heart to welcome your return to purity.


This is Boswell, my Chief Tester after being away from home for a couple of days – took himself straight to the pod and wrapped himself around it for a little puppy rebalancingOrynoco Pod - Pure Life Force Energy and Information 3

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Quantum Field Experience Sessions now available in Milford and at Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, Shere

To experience a session, call Helen on 07717 665381

or book online here


Lovely to see my dear friends Catherine, Cat and Malcolm all get together and having a great time chatting here in this fabulous interview on Catherine’s YouTube Channel 🙂

Click here to watch the full interview and hear straight from the horses mouth, more about this awesome technology.   This interview will leave you enlightened and illuminated with lots of great information on the Orynoco Pods and includes a couple of gorgeous meditations from the lovely Cat


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