How you can revive your pond: make your own wildlife haven this summer


“A wildlife pond is one of the single best features for attracting new wildlife to the garden”  The Wildlife Trust

  • Is your pond taken over with pond algae or blanket weed?  Wouldn’t you love a clean, clear pond?

  • Get millions of bugs working for you. Microbz Pond Balance with beneficial microbes increases oxygen levels, reduces odour, breaks down algae and discourages pests without harming pond life.

  • Do you want to attract wildlife to your pond? A diversity of microbes helps to create a suitable habitat for wildlife.


Ponds attract a wealth of wildlife : the wildlife around the  pond at Microbz HQ includes herons, goslings, tadpoles and damselflies. 



Having said that, there are times when it feels like all our best efforts are in vain and the unruly power of nature takes over. For example, this spring, our pond was riddled with blanket weed.

A build up of nutrients and organic matter, alongside a spell of sunshine threw our pond out of balance.





To treat this, we used our live culture product Pond Balance packed full of beneficial microbes. After just one dose, the microbes got to work aerating the water and breaking down the excess nutrients. Our solution is 100% chemical free, natural, sustainable and effective – a technology everyone and everything can thrive on .





In just 11 days our pond was transformed!






You too can create a wildlife pond this summer. You may not have realised it, but you’re sure to have the tools on hand to create a mini pond. You can transform an old wheelbarrow, washing up bowl or plant pot into a small wildlife haven. What better way to keep the kids entertained this summer than by challenging them to track new wildlife in the garden? Check out the  Wildlife Trusts’ easy set up guide to a mini pond

Here at Microbz, we aim to bring people and nature closer together. There are natural solutions to the environmental and health issues we face and microbes are at the heart of it. Protecting wildlife can help us learn to coexist in harmony with our natural environments.

Handy tip: Not only is Pond Balance a solution for algae but it is also the perfect supplement for a new pond. Beneficial microbes in Pond Balance will support, balance and help establish the pond’s ecosystem so that wildlife can thrive.

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Love Helen


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