Your speaker – Jeremy Jones

11am-2pm Saturday 21st April 2018

Albury Park, nr Guildford, Surrey

Having healed himself from epilepsy in his early twenties with Macrobiotic diet combined with Tai Chi and Qigong, Jeremy has been working in the field of well-being for the past 28 years along with a passion for all things in renewable energy. His passion for health lead him to explore foundations of health lifestyle systems, water being a central healing pillar in his journey.

For the past 20 years he has been working to promote the awareness of how best to optimise our drinking water exploring the work of Viktor Schauberger / Masaru Emoto and Johann Grander.

In the UK we spend 2.4 billion on bottled water every year. Why? Are we compliant sheep falling for marketing ploys? or are we listening to our DNA’s deepest survival instinct to seek out water that is as close to how Mother Nature intended; fresh from a Well or Spring? The ancestral memory of how water once was, still lingers within us. In the back of our minds we wonder, is the water we drink safe and healthy for us? We know and feel that tap water is a far cry from how water once was and know drinking bottled water is not a sustainable solution for us or the environment. Come and learn about the story of water and its ability to carry information and hold memory and the pros and cons of water filtration and purification, learn about and experience the new phenomena of water revitalisation which changes the structure of water making it more biologically valuable.Bring a sample of your own home tap water; two small bottles with your name on it, and taste for yourself what happens when it is revitalised. Learn about the Johann Grander’s discovery of Revitalised water and its value when used in the home.

In the last few years Jeremys work has lead him to training as a Geobiologist exploring the issues of EMF pollution and Geopathic stress with the Geovital Academy and with Geobiologist Richard Benishai.
Through using these modalities he is able to support his clients to distinguish the unseen energetic pollution we are being exposed to and provide ways to harmonise our living spaces.
His talk with take you on an energetic journey from the macro to the micro,  showing how through having a greater awareness of the unseen mischief we are being subjected to, our health can be re-balanced through easy fixes and the use of technologies that help to re-chohere these imbalances.

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