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The future of medicine is here – we just had to look to the past to find it.

Think in terms of the Godfathers of Frequency Medicine and you immediately think of Rife and Tesla.  The Theraphi stands on the shoulders of these giants, the technology then having been refined and built on by Priore and Lakhovsky and then deeper understood, further refined and brought bang up to date by two living geniuses, Dan Winter and Paul Harris

I only had to listen to a couple of the videos on the, listen to many of the available webinars and I had this huge guteral feeling, I knew I was all in – how the device landed in my lap is another story in itself, but here we are, having just had my first client through a course of sessions, (please see the testimonial below) I can say this machine is a game changer

I shall take my time to write a further blog on this amazing device, some time down the line.   They say if you can’t explain something to a 12 year old, then you shouldn’t try and teach, so at this stage, I am educating myself, experiencing this experimental medical device through my own and my clients results, both animals and human, in person and remotely and trying to get a better understanding of exactly what is plasma and get my head around the long words, all new to me, such as phase conjugate, centripetal, negentropic, so that I can better explain it to you in time.  When I hear Dan and Paul talk about it, it makes so much sense, but trying to articulate that to my clients may take me a minute!

This blog is not so much to explain or describe the Theraphi, just to softly announce it’s arrival, so that those who are already aware, who already know of it and may be looking for a place to try it, will find us …

As you leave the Theraphi session, so many things have changed inside your body, it brings the sacral cranial spine liquid pumping to still point, so allowing the body to heal.

It will increase circulation, decrease inflammation and encourage a return to order for the body.

For when your living cells to go back to a state of increased order, you have anti-aging and rejuvenation

Read my first client’s testimonial here

For those of you wishing to book, before a session, you will need to be very hydrated with good quality water, as the session can have a detoxifying effect.  Do not bring credit cards, car keys, mobile phones, anything metal into the room and wear loose fitting natural clothes

For remote sessions, we will agree a time for your (or your animals) sessions so you can set aside the time and set your positive intentions to experience something very special

Like anything, this is not a sticky plaster to paper over the cracks of poor lifestyle choices and you should still expect to take full responsibility for your own health – upping your clean water intake, supporting your body with a good, clean diet, getting out in nature and grounding after the session is also a key part of your healing journey

Pace makers are sadly contra-indicated with this machine

I feel so grateful to have this technology available to offer my own animals, friends, family and clients – as the testimonial says, the world needs to know …


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