SOLD – Far Infra Red Sauna and Whole House Water Structuring Device


Both items now SOLD thank you for your interest ūüôā

We are on the move! … Back to the Surrey Hills and with that, have some wonderful items for you to peruse at your leisure (not too leisurely mind, we’re on a mission!)

If you’ve been following my blogs for some time and not got around to purchasing for yourself, something you’ve had your eye on, now might be the time, I am offering the following for sale – quick sale, as clearing the house, ready for the move and these things need to go!

SOLD - Far Infra Red Sauna and Whole House Water Structuring Device 1Allow me to present, the pièce de résistance Рa two person far infra red sauna, from Health Mate, the best on the  market Рthis would cost you £4,795 new Рavailable for £2,895 Рin immaculate condition, must be viewed to be appreciated.  Never been used without multiple towels laid on every surface.

Buy once and buy well. ¬† Would really like to show you this whilst it’s still in situ in my home, so you can really appreciate how well this works in a reasonably small space and at the same time adds a touch of luxury to your home, making it into a true Home Spa – the ¬†reputation of Health Mate Saunas and the benefits of Infra Red Saunas precedes them – the link here to my blog on just some of the health benefits. ¬†This is the one thing I truly wondered how I would live without, it has to come down soon and although it packs flat for removal and is easy to re-install, really needs to be seen and experienced in all it’s glory, to truly get the feel for this awesome sauna, which is both a workhorse, yet at the same time, due to the quality of the materials and build, an attractive addition to any home. ¬†Once you have it, it will be your first port of call for so many things – coming down with a cold, feeling under the weather, get in the sauna, long day in London, want to sweat out those toxins, get in the sauna, want to recover quickly from a tough workout or prepare for your next competition … get in the sauna, the list goes on …

Comes fully equipped with colour therapy and bluetooth tech (and very low EMFs) so you can listen to your favourite meditation or podcast whilst in there and because you’re bound to ask, so you can measure your space …

The Dimensions are :

Height – 197 cm

Width – 122 cm

Depth – 113 cm

SOLD - Far Infra Red Sauna and Whole House Water Structuring Device 2


NAT Whole House Water Structuring Device РThis is brand new, whole house, under the sink unit is still in the box, cost £1,200 new plus 20% customs tax Рyours for £800 including delivery

SOLDSOLD - Far Infra Red Sauna and Whole House Water Structuring Device 3

See my blog on Natural Action Technologies water structuring here NAT Water Blog

Natural Action Technologies (NAT) water structuring technology devices were invented by researcher Clayton Nolte.  This is the HD12 (Heavy Duty Dynamically Enhanced), meaning all your drinking water, your shower etc will be dynamically enhanced Рdesigned for homes (and stables) up to 2,500 square feet

What I love most about this techonology, is that it‚Äôs a once in a lifetime buy. You buy once, no filters, no re-ordering, buy once and you buy for life ‚Äď it‚Äôs an absolute no brainer in terms of investments in your health. ¬†We are 80% water so ¬†improving the quality of the water you drink can have the biggest and most profound impact on yours, your families and your animals overall health in so many ways.

Revitalization is particularly observed as ‚Äėbringing ‚Äúlife force‚ÄĚ back into water‚Äô – ¬†life force deteriorates in water forced through miles upon miles of straight water pipes. ¬† Add vitality and lifeforce to your loved ones and animals in a cost effective, lifelong solution – a great addition to any home or stable yard – your horses would drink from running stream water, given a choice –¬†Natural Action Technologies copies what mother earth does naturally, to try and emulate the highest quality of water found in nature


WhatsApp me on 07717 665381 to discuss either of the above

That’s it for now, look out for more Special Deals as the house clearing continues apace

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  1. Avatar of Lucie Landau Lucie Landau on May 1, 2023 at 2:50 pm

    Hello I am Anna’s friend and colleague.I would be interested but how can you transport it? Can it be taken into parts?

  2. Avatar of Lucie Lucie on May 1, 2023 at 2:51 pm

    Sorry I didn’t say that I am interested in the infrared sauna. Lucie

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