Aromatherapy Facial

Aromatherapy facial massage stimulates cellular function and rejuvenation, relaxes muscles, increases vascular activity, tightens and tones the skin, increases removal of waste products and relaxes the mind and feels good!

Using pure essential oils, hydrolats and argiletz clay masks, this facial includes a Japanese Face Massage and lymphatic drainage.

Aromatherapy facial includes a massage of either head, hands or feet whilst the mask gets to work.

Tsuboki – Japanese Face Massage

Face massage can be the most intimate and nurturing of massages.  The Japanese believe that beauty is more than skin deep, and that to be beautiful you have to be healthy too.

Tsuboki massage comprises four specific stages:

  • massage to the neck and shoulders to increase circulation to the face and reduce tension in these areas
  • a detailed face massage using camellia oil as traditionally used in Japan (this is fragrance free)
  • working more than 50 tsubos and 8 meridians
  • lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins

Japanese Face Massage is incredibly relaxing to receive, but 7 of the 8 meridians that run through the face are the yang, or more energising ones.  This may explain why clients often report feeling deeply relaxed during the massage but balanced and energised afterwards.