Really O2? …. So just to say if any of you have sent me texts trying to book appointments in the last few weeks and I haven’t got back to you – I am sorry but have had the same problem as last year – because I have been receiving some texts, I didn’t realise the problem until I had a couple of clients ringing me saying they had text me and I hadn’t replied – 4 people last week alone that I know about – the rest probably just think I’m being rude …

So last week I got a new phone, didn’t make any difference – one client showed me a text she sent me saying delivered and I hadn’t received it – so now we are trying a new sim card.  O2 say “sim cards after time and due to wear and tear can start to become faulty” but this is a new sim card from the last time this happened in October last year.

I am now planning on getting a landline at the clinic, but for now – if you have text me and I don’t get back to you within 24 hours max, then either ring me or drop me an email please.

Sorry for any inconvenience to those of you who may have contacted me and never heard back – apart from the fact when this happens it is devastating for my business, the phoning customer services in itself can test the patience of a saint – 45 minutes on the phone on Friday and then we got cut off! Aaaagh – I am trying to stay zen about it, but it’s a struggle to sometimes …

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you all soon …

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