I’m pleased to introduce my new online booking system – this is going to make life easier for all of us – it’s been in use now for just over a month and is proving a big hit with my clients and myself

How many times do you think “Oh I must book that appointment” and then something comes up and then when you remember it’s 11pm at night or indeed, you call, leave a message or text and then starts the phone tag game …

If I am with a client, I obviously cannot answer the phone and with back to back clients, by the time I get home, it’s late, I call clients back and they say “Oh I’m just doing something, can you call me back in half hour” – I have to do this with multiple clients and by the time they call me back, the appointment I offered them has gone – and the whole game starts again in the morning when I wake to texts wanting appointments with specific times to suit – this can take a couple of hours each morning before I even start the day

Sometimes I can see that clients,  who are obviously in pain, have called several times – I understand this can be frustrating when you are trying to get hold of me – add to this the fact that my phone service at home is inconsistent, to say the least and often I reply to a text, then spend hours resending as it refuses to deliver, to see days later that it never went

Well no more! Now you can click on this link https://firstclasstherapies.simplybook.it/v2/or even easier, go to the website, press the Book Now button, choose the day you want, choose the time you want, pop in your credit card details and you’re done

You will receive an email confirming your appointment, then another on the day of the appointment, followed by a reminder text a couple of hours before – so no excuses for forgetting or no shows – please also note the cancellation policy – you can cancel or change your appointment anytime up to 24 hours beforehand, after that the full fee is payable

So, if you want to book your appointment, the quickest and simplest way is to use the online booking service – I’m getting great feedback at how simple it is to use

Book Now https://www.firstclasstherapies.com

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