Isn’t this cool? …   thought this was such a great idea – how much more likely would people be to exercise if there were a few of these in public places

My friends husband is a housemaster at Hurtwood House School and he had the genius idea of suggesting the school install one of these for the kids there – that’s where I first came across it.  Like any kid in a playground I immediately wanted to start swinging from the monkey bars, it just got me thinking that this sort of thing would make exercise fun, pleasant and easily accessible to so many more people.

I for one cannot bear the thought of going to a gym and working out – but I love the idea of an open air workout.  I think Councils should consider putting these in public places to encourage people to get outside and move, especially good for those that can’t afford gym membership.

I moved into a new home last year and mentioned how wide the front door was, I was told this was for when I might need a wheelchair, I was also then shown the fuse box at the bottom of the stairs for my future Stenna Stairlift and my huge downstairs toilet (again for the wheelchair), not forgetting the new legislation that new homes should be built with a downstairs room that can fit a single bed and the ceilings have to be strong enough for a hoist!

Really? … How about all future new homes developments should have allocated public space like this for open air workouts?  Or space allocated for allotments?

Rather than just presuming we are all gonna get fat, ill and disabled, how about providing people with the education and opportunity to stay fit and well – there really is no need to degenerate at the rate which the general public seem to perceive as ‘just my age’ I see people younger and younger just slowly accepting less and less in terms of health – but the good news is it takes so little time to turn it around.

Changing a few simple habits can have you feeling better in no time at all and all the good ones like exercise, sleep, fresh air and water are free …

For those of you wanting to see the full range of equipment go to




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