Yes it’s back!  Yay

My God how I missed it! – I was lucky enough to have the use of a Health Mate Far Infra Red Sauna here in Milford, Surrey for most of last year – an ex-demo model which was for sale.  Of course I secretly hoped it wouldn’t sell as I enjoyed the benefits myself, aswell as offering this as a service to my clients.

When Gert told me he had sold it, I thought oh well, it was good while it lasted – but in fact, I couldn’t live without it – I missed the benefits so much, that I have just bought another one.

I think the clincher came when I got a cold and was left with a cough for a couple of weeks, so having to cancel clients – it reminded me of anytime I could feel something coming on last year, I would just pop in the sauna for a couple of sessions, and whatever was threatening, was gone … no more … I have always said to my clients, when they say things I recommend are expensive –  just try being ill – that couple of weeks having to cancel clients,  proved very expensive for me too.

So with the decision made, I wasted no time phoning Gert from Health Mate installing my new sauna here in Milford – and I have to say I am already seeing the benefits in clearer skin – you get that glow – and you just feel so clean from the inside.

I initially bought this as a personal sauna, but due to public demand I am offering this as a treatment for my clients and already I can see the sauna is going to pay for itself very quickly – I have someone sat in there as we speak – we are working through a detox programme for them and the sauna is an integral part of this.  So whether your interest is part of a detox programme, boost your immune system, pain relief, faster recovery from sports, better skin, weight loss, arthritis or other chronic conditions – there are so many benefits to a regular Far Infra Red Sauna session


£25 for half an hour
Then £10 for every additional 15 minutes
Discounts for a course of 5 :
5 x 1 hour = £180
5 x 45 minutes = £150
5 x half hour = £110

Add a bottle of Pear Tree Well Mineral Water, a healthy green Purium shake made with filtered Grander water, including Ionic Elements (to replace lost minerals) and Chlorella  to help bind and eliminate those toxins that will be released for just £10

Please note : There are only limited times available for the sauna as it is not in the clinic, so online booking not available to book your sauna session 

Call today for a chat 07717 665381

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