Yes it’s back!  Yay

My God how I missed it! – I was lucky enough to have the use of a Health Mate Far Infra Red Sauna here in Milford, Surrey for most of last year – an ex-demo model which was for sale.  Of course I secretly hoped it wouldn’t sell as I enjoyed the benefits myself, aswell as offering this as a service to my clients.

When Gert told me he had sold it, I thought oh well, it was good while it lasted – but in fact, I couldn’t live without it – I missed the benefits so much, that I have just bought another one.

I think the clincher came when I got a cold and was left with a cough for a couple of weeks, so having to cancel clients – it reminded me of anytime I could feel something coming on last year, I would just pop in the sauna for a couple of sessions, and whatever was threatening, was gone … no more … I have always said to my clients, when they say things I recommend are expensive –  just try being ill – that couple of weeks having to cancel clients,  proved very expensive for me too.

So with the decision made, I wasted no time phoning Gert from Health Mate installing my new sauna here in Milford – and I have to say I am already seeing the benefits in clearer skin – you get that glow – and you just feel so clean from the inside.

I am offering this as a treatment for my clients and already I can see the sauna is going to pay for itself very quickly – I have someone sat in there as we speak – we are working through a detox programme for them and the sauna is an integral part of this.  So whether your interest is part of a detox programme, boost your immune system, pain relief, faster recovery from sports, better skin, weight loss, arthritis or other chronic conditions – there are so many benefits to a regular Far Infra Red Sauna session

One hour session is £30

Course of 5 sessions is £125

Add a bottle of Pear Tree Well Mineral Water, a healthy green Purium shake, including Ionic Elements (to replace lost minerals) and Chlorella  to help bind and eliminate those toxins that will be released for just £6

Call today for a chat 07717 665381

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